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Coral Flowers


Teacher By Day, Maker By Night, Boy Mom By Heart!

My heart is always full of gratitude because as a teacher, my students are my babies and at home, my boys are my LIFE.  I am a happy teacher to the cutest little humans, a lucky Boy Mom to four amazing little men, and a wife to the love of my life, my hubby and best friend.  I laugh at the little things and try and find joy in the crazy moments!  Some days are crazier than others, rushing from work to the baseball field (my happy place) or trying to find peace at the end of the day in knowing I did the best that I could, and shared my whole heart.  I feel exhausted like all of us mommas, and try to hold on to all of the moments, as I see my babies grow up way faster than I'd like.  I've always loved to create and I embrace the peace it brings me.  It helps me slow down, and when I make something, I pour my entire heart into it.  My hope is that every piece brings their person joy, makes them smile, and helps them feel extra special and so loved.     

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