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SonShine Momma

Handmade, designed, laser cut and engraved custom pieces from my heart to yours.

Custom, Handmade, Personalized

Sonshine Momma was created to help you find that special and personalized gift for yourself or someone you love.  There is extra sentiment when you share a meaningful message and see that special name engraved on a gift, when you feel all of the love that went into a handmade and custom creation, knowing it was made just for you.  My name is Melissa and I am so happy you stopped by!  I am a happy teacher by day, a maker by night, and a lucky wife and proud Boy Mom of 4 all day!  They are truly my SonShine!   I can't wait to create something special for you!  Whether it's a design you see here or an idea I can help design and bring to life, thank you for trusting me to shine some joy in someone's life! 

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